Special events

Special events unbundled from the main Season flow. They offer the game a lot of extra possibilities to entertain communities.

Side events

The ALR team, and community moderators, have access to the tournament maker and can create some special events to entertain the community. The rewards can be in SOL, RACE, USDT, ALR Cars, or any other NFT or Token.
Special events are the perfect place to do partnerships and collaborate with other communities and projects.
In 2022, we organized more than 500 tournaments, with 100 different partners. 100% successful.

Community-generated events (coming soon)

We are working on a tool where everybody can organize a tournament, with tickets sales, automated reward distribution, branding...
We have developed this feature in a separated product called 3nterain, which was awarded a prize in the gaming Track of 2023's Grizzlython (Solana's biggest Hackathon with more than 10,000 participants).
We are now working to embed it directly into ALR, to ease the user experience.
Last modified 7mo ago