Alpha League Racing is organized around competitive racing seasons.
Alpha League Racing is competitive and asynchronously multi-player by design. On the starting line of each race, everyone has the same chances. The driving skill is the only factor of success. No luck, no pay-to-win. Only fun and good drivers.

Each season last for 2 months

Warm-up - 1 WEEK
Get ready for the season and discover the new tracks and modes.
Series - 4 WEEKS
Weekly tournaments offering XP, with a global ranking.
Semi-finals - 1 WEEK
TOP 20 players are split between Even Semi-final and Odd. Others players are in the Vanilla Semi-final.
Finals - 1 WEEK
The top 5 of each semi-final are selected to the Grand Final. All the others have a place in the Crowd Final.
Race Distribution
At the end of the Finals, RACE tokens are distributed to participants, based on their ranking.
Reward Redeem Period - 1 WEEK
You can convert your rewards into SOL.

Season Leaderboard

The participation in the weekly tournaments from the Series is offering XP. The higher your ranking, the more XP you gain.
Each tournament offers a different amount of XP.
A tournament can be organized on any of the possible modes (TimeAttack, CoinArena, Flipper, or Cage...), have Drift driving activated (or not) and be on normal-view or top-view.


While some tournaments have infinite amount of retries, some have limited retries.
When you have consumed all your retries, you cannot participate in this tournament, but can play in another one.

Season Pass

To play with infinite retries, you can buy the Season Pass.
The Season Pass can be purchased in SOL.
Soon it will also be possible to buy a Season pass using Fiat.
The Season Pass offers more advantages, that may vary from a season to another, like access to special events, whitelist, airdrops... The price of the Season Pass varies from a Season to an other.
To add excitement to the competition, we provide reimbursement to the top 25% of racers who have purchased a Season pass.