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Alpha League Racing cars are NFTs (on the Solana Blockchain). Every car can be driven in the game and is tradable on the secondary markets.
  • Drive in the game
  • Play in special events
  • Earn rewards
  • Gain governance power
Car owners are granted ® RACE tokens on a weekly basis, proportionate to the number of vehicles in their possession. The quantity of distributed ® RACE varies according to the car's EVO level within the Genesis Collection or its rarity within the Seasonal Collections.
⚠️ In order to qualify for the rewards, a car must not have been listed on the secondary market for an entire week.
⚠️ The reward system only considers cars that have been traded with fees.

Collection Genesis

Collection Genesis was minted in November 2021. It is a collection of 6,666 unique NFTS. The collection is divided in 2 models, Muscle and Ranger, with a rarity system.

Seasonal Collections

This is a current hypothesis we are working on, not the final version.
At the beginning of every season, we are creating a new collection of cars in a very limited supply. Every car in a collection is from the same EVO.
Seasonal collections comes with a rarity system, from unique to common, which is used to calculate the amount of ® RACE you will earn per week.
Contact us to create an exclusive collection for your brand or community.