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ALR comes with a real financial crypto reward system. The system is fun, fair, transparent and motivating for community members to play, own, and contribute to the game's success.
At the end of each season, rewards are sent in SOL (Solana's token) and shared among all community members based on their competitive achievements, the number of cars they own, and the level of activity they have demonstrated in supporting the project's success.
Important note: ALR is not printing tokens out of thin air. As described in this document, the RACE token is a Reward Pool Share Token. This means that its value is backed by the Reward Pool, which is filled by usage. The more successful the game is, the more rewards are in the Pool. The system has been designed to be fair and exciting, while also being anti-ponzi, rewarding players, owners, and contributors.

Reward Pool

The Reward Pool contains the SOLs that are distributed as reward to the community.
ALR Rewards are stored in the Rewards Pool wallet:

How the Reward Pool is filled

The Reward Pool is directly related to the project economical success. The more successful ALR is, the more reward are distributed to the community.
  • 50% of the revenue generated on the secondary market from all ALR collections.
  • 25% of all other revenue we generate (New collections, Season Pass sales, advertizemnet...)

Reward Pool Share Token (® RACE)

® RACE is the token used to distribute rewards among the community. The more ® RACE you have, the more rewards you will receive at the end of the season.
You have 10% of the ® RACE supply, you can claim 10% of the SOL available in the Reward Pool at the end of the season.
Your ® RACE will be burned, and 10% of the SOL sent to your wallet.
The supply of ® RACE is infinite and generated through usage.
If you fail to claim your rewards at the end of the season, the SOLs will remain in the Reward Pool Wallet, and you will keep your ® RACE for the following season.


Playing Alpha League Racing is the first way to earn ® RACE. At the end of every season, after the final has ended, players receive an amount of ® RACE based on their position in the global leaderboard.
At the end of the season, the amount of ® RACE distributed is an addition of 50% to the supply. This ensures a fair balance between the importance of playing, owning, and contributing.
To encourage consistency in playing the game, Alpha League Racing offers an extra reward in ® RACE, with a streak mechanism for players who play every day.
Some Special Events are also offering ® RACE as rewards.
Owning Alpha League Racing cars is rewarding on a Weekly basis in the form of ® RACE. The more car you own, the more RACE you receive.
Check Cars for more details


To activate the secondary market: we have added an extra layer of incentivization; combos of owning (inspired by the card game from our childhood, "the 7 Family game".)
The combos are cumulative, but you can only have each combo once.
Example: "own 4 red cars"
The goal is to reward the contribution to the project and its success.
This system has been designed to encouraged the participation on Discord, Twitter and other social networks.
Check the Governance for more details.
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