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The game is owned by both ALR Community and ALR Studio.
The success of the game depends not only on the creator, ALR Studio, but also on its community. We have developed a revolutionary governance system that leverages decentralization, as well as our expertise in Holacracy and Scrum methodologies. This groundbreaking system is designed to drive innovation and collaboration in an unprecedented way.


ALR Community
Handle marketing and growth
Manage Twitter, Discord...
Handle Support
Alr Studio
Conceive the game
Build the game
Publish and maintain the game

Incentive participation

The objective is to recognize and reward contributions to the community and project visibility by automatically distributing RACE tokens based on activity within Discord, Twitter, and other networks. This system also incentivizes word-of-mouth promotion and referral invitations.
Send 5 message on discord (weekly)
5 ®
A Tweet about ALR (weekly)
5 ®
RT the weekly ALR announcement
5 ®
Invite a new player who buys the season pass
50 ®
TODO TikTok, FB & Instagram…

Missions with a purpose

Missions serve as an innovative governance tool that facilitates democratic organization of energy within the community.
The purpose of this mechanism is to identify project needs, establish specific missions with defined timelines, scopes, purposes, and accountabilities, and provide salaries in the form of RACE tokens.
The community is responsible for creating these missions and finding the ideal candidate to ensure their successful execution.
Mission: Moderate Discord during Season 2
Timeframe: from 2023/08/01 to 2023/09/30
Purpose: Make sure that ALR Discord server is a safe place, where everybody feels welcome and respected.
  • Be present and active on the server on a daily basis
  • Remove spam message
  • Ban users that are not good willin
  • Answer to new comers questions
  • Be friendly to people!
Pay: 150®

Ignite Incentives

In addition to missions, we have introduced another innovative governance element called "Ignite Incentives" to encourage creativity and spontaneity within the community. The purpose of "Ignite Incentives" is to reward unplanned initiatives from community members that bring visibility or benefit to the project.
As a community member, you can submit an "Ignite Incentives" that you have taken, present it to the community, and then the community can vote on the reward you deserve for your contribution.
This system empowers community members to actively participate and be recognized for their valuable efforts.
I have a friend who works for a gaming blog.
I reached out to him, and he wrote an article about ALR, which was published and brought a lot of visibility to the project.
Through a form, I can describe my action and claim rewards.
The community can vote to decide how many RACE tokens I will receive for this action.