Alpha League Racing

Community-owned independent racing game
Dear proof-readers,
We have a work-in-progress version of our white paper to share with you. This is a critical time for Alpha League Racing as we participate in a significant tournament.
Over the past two years, our primary focus has been on developing the game. Now that it's maturing, we're ready for the next phase: growth and monetization.
However, we need to face the truth. Our small team lacks the necessary funding and resources to bring Alpha League Racing the success it truly deserves.
That's why we're thinking outside the box and want to collaborate with the community to write the next chapter together.
In this white paper, we've designed a reward system that harnesses the community's power. It encourages active involvement in the project's success through various incentives.
We understand this document isn't perfect. It serves as a starting point for an ongoing discussion with you.
While this document isn't meant to be private, we ask that you refrain from sharing it publicly in its current form. Feel free to share it with anyone interested in reading it.
Best regards, The ALR Team

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Here we go...

Introducing Alpha League Racing, an exciting web3 racing game that is revolutionizing the way gamers are interacting with the game. Unlike traditional games, Alpha League Racing is owned by the community, making it a truly independent project driven by its passionate players.
We are pioneers in exploring new governance possibilities, allowing our community to have a say in the game's development and direction. Our exclusive and ground-breaking reward system ensures fairness and incentives for the community, motivating them to actively contribute and drive the project towards success.
Welcome to Alpha League Racing, where the race to victory is just the beginning of an extraordinary journey!

The game is live since 2021, play now!

What are you interested in?

Seamless onboarding

This is a crucial part of our strategy. Our game is extremely easy to play. You can play it directly in your web browser without having to download anything, and you can also play it on your phone using Android or Saga (iOS support will be available soon).
The game is open to everyone, and you don't need a wallet or an NFT to play. The blockchain aspect of ALR adds an extra layer of interest. It provides native financial rewards for competitiveness, allows users to create their own content, and involves user participation in shaping the game's strategy.
This document presents our vision to transition ALR from a web3 racing game into a project that is fully owned by the community. Together, we will embark on a journey of growth, experimenting and gathering feedback along the way. Your input is incredibly valuable as we shape the future of ALR.
Whitepaper v2.0 - Published 2023/06/28
Last modified 7mo ago